What is Oudh?

Oudh is the traditional Arabic name of the incense which is derived from Agarwood. Agarwood is known as Aloes wood in English and by several other names across the regions in which it is naturally found. Agarwood is among the most distinctive and revered forms of natural wood in the world, which has a significant historic and traditional value in several cultures.

Ever since the ancient times, the resin extract of the Agarwood, which is known as Oudh Oil has been held with prestige. The Agarwood incense has not only been used for several ritualistic practices by civilizations for thousands of years, but has also grown popular in the Middle East.

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How is Natural Oudh Formed?

It is true that the best things in this world are natural; Oudh is a magnificent example that supports this very belief. The Agarwood or Aloes wood which is biologically known as Aquilaria, has thrived in the dense forests all over South East Asia for thousands of years. While the Aquilaria appears as ordinary as any other tree, it is their natural structure that makes them so unique.

The wondrous trees secrete a form of resin inside their bark, which attracts parasites and causes an infestation. These parasites bring the secretions of the Oudh tree outwards, causing it entwine with the wood, creating the dark and aromatic Agarwood. The natural Oudh had been a secret for thousands of years, used only by the local civilizations. However, with globalization and trading, the secrets of this heavenly natural incense are being revealed to the entire world.

What are the Benefits of Oudh?

Agarwood is among the few natural therapeutic elements which has been associated with a certain kind of soothing feeling. The positive effect of Oudh oil includes calming the nervous system of the body, while making its wearer more focused and alert. Regular use of Agarwood is a kind of aromatherapy, which is not restricted to a particular gender. While men tend to enjoy the strong and potent smell of pure Oudh oil, women find pleasure in a more balanced fragrance.

From a spiritual and psychological, to medicinal and therapeutic, the long lasting benefits of Oudh have made it popular throughout the world.

  • Agarwood contains natural elements which are known to drive the toxins out of the system, which directly affects a person’s mental state. By expelling the negative energy out of your mind and body, Oudh helps in boosting your mental functionality and enhancing your awareness
  • The natural aroma of Oudh has a welcoming effect on the body and soul. Whether you wear the Oudh oil or use Oudh chips to fumigate your home, it will carry a sense of harmony in your mind as well as among those who are around you.
  • Oudh is said to have several medicinal benefits, which include anti-microbial, anti-asthmatic and diuretic properties. Oudh has been medicinally regarded as an aphrodisiac and has been associated with enhanced libido.
  • Oudh has been held in high esteem among the Islamic civilization for its majestic properties which help connect with the transcendent. It is believed that the heavenly aroma of burning Agarwood attracts the angels, and the serene smoke of burning Oudh carries the prayers of the mortals to the Creator.
Why is Oudh so Precious?

Unlike several chemical fragrances which can be developed in a laboratory, Oudh is a natural incense which is essentially priceless. There may be tropical rainforests in several parts of the world, but the native Agarwood tree grows naturally is only the South East regions of Asia.

Sourcing native and the purest form of Agarwood is not a simple task, as it requires geographical knowledge of the dense rainforests. These rainforests cannot be penetrated with machinery and the Agarwood cannot be transported directly. All of the natural Oudh is not only extracted from the Aloe wood trees by manual labor, but carried back to the market through treacherous landscapes.

Locating the Agarwod trees is the most crucial part, since identifying the Oudh trees from among thousands of others is the job for an expert. All of these tasks are not only tedious, but certainly expensive, which adds up to the price of pure Agarwood. With a limited number Agarwood trees in the tropical forests, Oudh has become a commodity which is almost as precious as gold.

The attributes that make Agarwood and Oudh products so precious also make them very rare. In order to satiate the demands of the consumers, commercial brands and retailers of Oudh oil and chips tend to compromise the natural essence of Oudh. Raihaan the Oudh Shop understands that quality should never be a matter of compromise when it comes to buying Oudh products. We assure to source and recreate Oudh and Oudh products with 100% authentic practices, while keeping the price factor as reasonable as it can be.

Where is Oudh Naturally Sourced From?

Over the centuries, Oudh has been known by several names across several civilizations. Today the Agarwood used to create the most exquisite Oudh oil and Oudh chips is sourced from several regions of South East Asia. The Aquilaria and Gyrinops trees are the natural source of Oudh, and are native to the South Asian regions of India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Laos.

Although the Agarwood is sourced from all of the above regions in South East Asia, the Indian Agarwood (better known as Oudh Hind) is considered the native source of Agarwood. Ancient civilizations of China and the Royal Japanese Dynasty prized the natural Agarwood from these regions, and was considered a luxurious amenity, just as it is considered today across the world. Many historic travelers and explorers have written about Agarwood and Oudh oil in centuries-old transcripts.

It is believed that the most natural form of Agarwood and Oudh products are sourced directly from the distilleries that create pure Oudh oil and Oudh Chips. Raihaan the Oudh Shop has developed a strong network across South Asia and the Pacific to source the most natural Oudh products directly from the source. By eliminating the middleman, we bring you not only the most authentic form of Oudh oil and Oudh chips, but dramatically reduce the cost of the peachycleanaustin.com products to the end-buyer as well.

What Determines the Oudh Quality?

It is a commonly considered that Oudh of any form is among the most extravagant natural incenses known to man. However, the natural source, the region it is grown and the amount of natural resin present in the Oudh oil and Oudh chips play a significant role in determining the Oudh quality. While Oudh from all parts of the South East Asian region are highly acclaimed by enthusiasts, the Indian Agarwood (Oudh Hind) is regarded as the most pristine.

The highest quality of Agarwood is known to have the same intensity of resin color on the exterior in comparison to its interior. Oudh oil is known for its lingering aroma, so the longer amount of time you can sense the smell of Oudh oil on your skin, the most potent and premium quality it is.

Raihaan the Oudh Shop does not put up false promises, but backs out assurance with visible quality. All of the Agarwood and Oudh oil and Oudh chips offered by Raihaan the Oudh Shop are of the same consistency as the resin, making it more smoky and aromatic. In comparison to the fragrance-like smell of most commercial Oudh oils, Raihaan the Oudh Shop offers a potent Oudh oil. Our Oudh oil offers a strong smell, followed by a pleasant aroma. The strong smell of the Oudh oil is what makes it long-lasting, a quality that very few commercial Oudh oil products possess.