What is Oudh?
May 18, 2018

Fragrance of heaven

A fragrance that has been cherished by the elite for centuries has grown to become a part of their tradition and culture for many. The Chinese have named Chen Xiang while the Japanese know it as Jinkoh, the Western world recognizes this majestic occurrence of nature as Agarwood, Aloeswood, and Eaglewood, while the Arabs of Middle East have termed it as Oudh. The progressive nature of globalization has opened up the secluded regions where Agarwood (oud) is cultivated to the rest of the world. As the demand for this calmingly aromatic product grows, Raihaan Oudh strives to keep the traditional practices of cultivating Agarwood alive.

Straying off the commercial pathway of cultivating, sourcing, and recreating Agarwood and its by-products, Raihaan Oudh has adhered to a natural and historically practiced techniques that have been used to source the highest standard of Agarwood from South East Asia for hundreds of centuries. Sourcing the highest-grade of Oudh-Al-Hindi from the foothills of Assam and the revered Agarwood (click here) from the dense jungles of Cambodia and Vietnam, the products from each of these regions offers it’s very own unique fragrance, and are hence processed separately.

We believe that the Islamic significance of Oudh and the traditional importance of Agarwood in many cultures deserve a certain form of respect. Rather than sourcing harvested oudh from the overcrowded Asian markets like most mainstream perfumers, Raihaan Oudh takes pride in spearheading its own team to identify the choicest Agarwood trees, personally overlook the entire distillation process with the use of traditional techniques, and ensure that the product you receive qualifies to be authentic and worthy of nobility.

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